Contemporary architecture of Barcelona

Contemporary architecture of Barcelona

The architectural landscape of Barcelona is famous not only for Gaudi’s masterpieces, but also for the constructions of other outstanding architects from all over the world who have contributed immensely to the transformation of the city.

In particular, the modern architecture of Barcelona is found in all parts of the city and you can see how it blends in organically with the general atmosphere. Barcelona is, in a way, an experimental site for many masters and you can see their brightest and boldest creations.

The centre of Barcelona can be divided into three parts: the Gothic Quarter, from which the urban development began. It is characterized by small medieval streets full of antique buildings. El Raval, which is the continuation of the old part of the city, and finally Example, an impressive urban “grid” space. Each district has its own unique structure and architecture.

With plenty of ancient buildings, however, in search of modern architecture in Barcelona, you won’t be disappointed. Here are a few examples of such buildings, which are sure to attract the attention of curious travelers.

The Torre Akbar Tower

It is clear that this building was built by architect Jean Novel in his London prototype. The design of the tower implies a huge geyser, which explains the walls of the unusual building shining with different colours. Built in June, Torre Akbar is the office building of Barcelona’s main water company. The building has three “skins”: one of corrugated iron, one glass and one of coloured windows.

The Duke and Moiron Forum Building

Architects Duke and Moiron are already considered “golden geniuses” of modern architecture. They also designed the Tate Modern Gallery in London and the Nest Stadium in Beijing.

The place where the Forum is located, as well as worthy of attention fans of modern architecture. It was designed as a kind of example of “showcase” architecture. For this reason, it can also be criticized, because there is a certain emptiness of space. Anyway, if you are a fan of architecture, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this site.

“Fish” by Frank Gerry

This structure is well known as “madness” – a structure with no practical purpose, something between a sculpture and a building. A large fish was built shining and shimmering, similar to a creature moving on the high seas.

The installation looks beautiful and complete, if you look at it from a distance you can see it from almost anywhere on the beach. When you come closer and see this golden fish hollow, you will probably be very surprised. Architect Frank Geri also designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. For those of you who love secular gossip, I can say that this is one of Brad Pitt’s best friends!

The Santa Catarina Market

This grocery market is built next to Barcelona Cathedral. It is a very interesting building that has caused a lot of controversy since its trio. However, people have fallen in love with it, which often happens with such architectural objects. The colorful mosaic that lays the roof of the building cannot be seen from the ground. However, its wavy structure makes it possible to see a part of the canvas.

The telecommunications tower of Norman Foster

The Tower is an excellent example of Norman Foster’s high-tech style. This architect is one of the founders of the hi-tech style. The concept of this building is based on the individual use of usually hidden parts. Football fans may be interested in the fact that Norman Foster has also developed some details of the CAMP NEW STATIONION.

Museum of Modern Art MACBA

When you look at the building, you have a sense of complete composition – which is very similar to the work of Mondrian. Architect Richard Mayer Chateau is praised for organizing the space in RAWALA so successfully. The space in front of Macba has absorbed a lot of energy, skaters and young people often gather here to spend time.

The building was also praised for the way it was built, EL RAWAL was one of the poorest areas, so the involvement of local people in the construction of the museum was the impetus for its favorable development.

Olympic Flame Santiago Calatrava

The architect from Valencia, Santiago Calatrava, is one of the most revered Spanish architects. He also designed a science park in Valencia. In designing most of his work, he was inspired by the skeletons of animals and the way they move.