Interior design of the bar and cafe

Interior design of the bar and cafe

It is important to take the interior design of cafes and bars particularly seriously and thoughtfully. Do not allow ill-considered spending and hasty decisions. Regardless of whether you choose to design for a new establishment or carry out rebranding, the impression of the room will largely depend on its success and attendance.

Having decided on the style, be sure to consider several projects to choose the interior best suited to the concept of the institution. In this material we decided to share with you photos of our projects and several interesting ideas to help you navigate and make decisions.

Above all, when choosing the interior of a cafe or bar, do not rely only on your own taste. Often, those styles and directions that you like in the design of a private home or apartment, will not be suitable for public spaces. If you have more than one repair, do not neglect the advice of specialists. Get acquainted with the trends and decide which ones most clearly illustrate the style of your cafe.

Decide what impression you want to make on visitors: do you need a shock effect or a cozy atmosphere “like home”? Does the interior have to show the characteristics of the cultures and countries to which the cuisine and drinks belong?

Maybe you need a fresh look at a familiar establishment for the influx of visitors or need a radical change of target audience? Or are you looking for an unusual approach to the interior of the institution, which serves drinks and author’s dishes?

Having formulated the initial idea of the future interior, consult with specialists working in the field of design. They will help you orientate yourself in technical subtleties and specifics of such interiors, help to develop an interior concept and create a detailed project. The participation of designers who are familiar with the creation of projects of this kind, among other aspects, will help to avoid unnecessary spending.

A small tip: think ahead and talk to the designers about whether your cafe will have a separate banquet room. If you are planning to create a banquet hall, it is necessary to consider the maximum number of people and the main formats of events for which it will be rented, as well as to think over the answers to the following questions: whether to coordinate the design with the interior of other premises or it will have its own theme?

Will the interior of the hall be in a similar style, but more solemn in decoration and finishing? Do you plan to allocate a photo zone, space for dancing or other thematic zones? Does this hall have a separate bathroom and entrance?

Regardless of the style and general mood, the environment should be comfortable to stay in and disposed to repeat visits. Pay close attention to directing the light. In a properly decorated room, the light helps to highlight the chosen flavor and set the accents correctly.

When planning the lighting, designers will help to choose the most appropriate theme for the venue and determine what role natural light will play if the room allows it to be used. For the cafe suitable combinations of natural and artificial light, and the intensity depends on the main color and themes.

In a cafe in a modern style, designed to maximize the influx of visitors in the middle of the day, it is better to give preference to bright daylight, and for chamber romantic coffee shops with vintage notes in the interior will be suitable less bright, warm light. The bars are suitable for dim lighting with local light accents above the counter, in the centre of the hall with small additional light sources above individual tables or on the walls.

For a long time it was accepted to decorate the interior thematically, but now this trend has undergone some changes. After the dominance of similar “Russian Ebes” and Italian restaurants with indispensable terracotta tiles on the floor and views of Venice on the walls.

The time has come for not so straightforward, more original interpretations of countries, cities and national traditions in the interior. The Scandinavian cafe is decorated in eco-minimalism, while the oriental restaurant is in the style of modern classics, but with a decor in the form of Moorish lamps and Moroccan poufs and screens.

Try not to lose sight of what is often forgotten in the process of repair, decoration and hustle before opening – exterior decoration, menu design, website and printed products. Such moments seem secondary only at first sight. It is stylistic coherence and detailed elaboration of the concept that distinguishes high level institutions.

With regard to the sign, in addition to the necessary procedures for registration, it is important that it does not just attract attention, and interested visitors from the street, helped to understand the nature and uniqueness of the institution, even among the neon lights in the heart of the city.

Another small tip: in addition to spectacular decor and unusual solutions that will be a highlight of the interior, choosing finishing materials, pay attention to their durability. For rooms where there are many people every day, this is a very important aspect and it can not be saved.

Flooring, chairs, upholstered furniture plumbing – must be durable, from proven manufacturers and suppliers. In the interior of the bar it is necessary to choose carefully not only aesthetically pleasing, but also strong and resistant to abrasion bar counter.